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Piano Removal

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Pianos create sounds. Avid music fans describe them to be “mellow,” “bright,” “rich,” and “splendid.” Pianos are used by religious groups, musicians, commercial establishments, cruise ships, wedding venues, Broadway musicals, concert halls as well as opera houses. The average life span of a good piano can be 40 years when maintained properly.

Although some musicians are happy with the piano they have throughout its life, other musicians are not so happy. When new technologies and designs are released, it becomes obsolete. This is how some owners view their pianos after a few years of use.

When you have decided it’s time to replace your older piano, you need to find a removal company as the next thing to do. We provide a junk removal service that has served thousands of residents and businesses. We collect, haul, and deliver used pianos to a landfill, donation center, recycling facility, or waste transfer center.

Is It Legal To Dispose Of An Old Piano In A Community Dumpster?

There is a difference between yes and no, and it is based on the local municipality’s trash disposal regulations. Municipalities accept large objects like a piano, but only if they’re dropped off at a landfill. The dumpster could also belong to a local garbage collection service provider. Therefore, don’t dump your old piano in any municipal dumpster until you verify the legality.

Prepare Your Old Piano For Recycling

It is possible to recycle your old piano. However, it may not be feasible until you have disassembled your old piano. Recycling facilities accept large pianos only if they’re broken into smaller pieces. In this situation, you’ll have to disassemble the piano to decide which parts can be recycled and which not.

Components constructed from metal, wood, and plastic may be recycled. Electronic components might also be eligible to be recycled. If you have questions or concerns, contact our recycling center directly.

Our Piano Removal Made Easy

Pianos are cumbersome items. They weigh between 300 to 1,400 pounds. They are offered as a complete piece. The heavier the piano will require more power required to finish the installation. When it comes time to junk the piano, you’ll need the same number of workers for the initial installation. A dolly can reduce the need to hire the services of a group of people to lift and install the piano. This also applies to the removal process.

Our commercial and residential piano removal services are available, affordable, flexible, and customized. We employ special equipment that allows us to detach and disassemble, then remove and dispose of pianos that weigh a lot.

When you engage our junk removal firm to dispose of the piano you’ve had for a while, we’ll send a team of experts to your residence. An experienced expert will evaluate the piano to determine the best removal strategy to reduce the risk of mishaps, which could result in injury by a member of the junk removal crew.

You will receive an estimate in writing to confirm before we begin the piano removal strategy. If you approve, our junk removal crew will begin the removal. The piano will be taken to a secure location, after which it will be disassembled in preparation for recycling.

The piano is then dismantled in a safe location, and the piano‘s components are loaded onto the rear of our truck. The scrap pile is then transported to a recycling center for recycling.

How To Dispose Of A Piano Without Harming The Environment?

There are three methods of disposal to dispose of old pianos. Each one has pros and pros. For example, landfill disposal isn’t as green as recycling and donation. When pianos are disposed of in landfills, they lay around for years, generating methane and carbon dioxide, which are dangerous, greenhouse gases.

Recycling This is one of the greenest disposal methods that allows the elements to be used for other purposes. The wood is reduced to OSB plywood, mulch, and pulp (paper) or grill wood chippings.

Donation It will allow your piano a chance to be used as a complete unit and produce beautiful tunes for years to come. But, this option is inappropriate for damaged permanent pianos, only teams in good working order.

A dump is an ideal option to dispose of permanently damaged pianos. Dumping them in the trash, old pianos emit greenhouse gases that harm the environment.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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