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Glass Removal

Glass can be used for various purposes – windowpanes, automobiles, beverage bottles, food containers, tableware, shower doors and candle jars, aquariums and terrariums, home decor, cookie canisters, and oven doors. Everywhere you turn, there’s a glass item.

Glass is a popular material for manufacturing because it is durable, flexible and accessible, recyclable, transparent, and waterproof. Glass can also be dyed for uniqueness in various applications. Glass can be dyed in many colors – blue, red, green, pink, white, yellow-orange, and multi-colored.

The most significant disadvantage of glass is its fragility. Most glass applications are fragile, excluding tempered and metallic glass, with the former being the strongest.

When glass objects are damaged, usually it’s scrap. Broken glass is one of the most dangerous types of waste. Glass scrap should be cautiously processed before hauling to a recycling center or landfill.

Our Residential, Automotive, And Commercial Glass Removal Services

We understand that consumers face numerous issues when dealing with scrap glass. To avoid injuries – such as cut limbs and lacerations – we use the thickest coverings for moving and the thickest blankets for carrying, personal protective gear, and packing materials during transport.

When you hire our junk removal company to take away your glass scrap, we become responsible for the removal, hauling, and disposal. We take our work seriously. We’ll do whatever is required to safeguard our clients and employees from glass mishaps throughout the process of removal.

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We Accept:
Broken window glass